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How to Use Instagram on Windows PC

What is instagram? :
Instagram is a social networking service. You can use it on your Android mobile phone for taking photos or videos and share them online. It was launched during October 2010 and just after two years millions of users have been found. There is editing options included in this app so one can edit photo in instagram also. This app has become popular for the filters to enhance photos. This app is mainly made for Android phones. As a result, many people face difficulty when they want to have it on their PC.

How to Use Instagram on PC

Why do people want to use it on windows pc?
This is the generation of selfie for the young people mainly. Not only young ones, people of all ages are now almost used to take selfies on their Android mobile and engage themselves on social networking apps like facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and so many. Instagram is one of them also. It has become popular for the filters through which a photo is generally edited. Thus, many Windows users want their pc to get connected with instagram.
Is it possible to use instragram on pc? :
Most of the people have doubt whether it is possible to use instagram on pc or not. Sure, you can use instagram on pc or Mac. All you have to do is to install any special software that simulates mobile programs on computer. It will help to run mobile apps on computer. When running apps will be completed, installation of instragram will be easier. Then you can see photos and videos shared in it. But in order to upload a new photo you have to install media uploader. It is easy to install apps on Windows pc or Mac for instagram. In that case, e-mail of that photo must be accessed in instagram. But, do you want to have special editing effects or filters on your PC? Then, you will definitely have to download such software which contains exactly the same editing options like instagram.
5 easy ways to use instragram on pc:
Do you know instragram is no longer hard to use on pc? There are five ways to access it very easily on a pc without downloading or installing any other apps. These are known as android emulators.


 Run the installer.
 You can also download it using Pixsta for free.
 Login with your instagram ID and password and you can enjoy it on your PC.


 Visit the site first
 Login with your instagram ID and password as that of mobile.
 Enjoy instagram on your PC!


 Have a look at the site.
 Follow the same process of logging.
 Have it on your PC.
 All these three allows only to browse and to get updates, but uploading of photo is not possible using them.


 Install this software after visiting.
 Installation of Bluestacks will be started itself if you click on the right option.
 Open the library and search for instagram.
 Launch the app.
 Now you can enjoy instagram on Windows.

(5) Instagram website:

 First you have to browse the following link:
(Here, replace “username” with your user name)
 Login as usual with your ID and password.
 Check if it is private user or not and browse your pictures.

Other similar Apps:

To get some special effects, two photo apps are available which are as same as instagram.


This is mainly related with one color editing. A photo can be highlighted with a particular color, shades and effects.
• After choosing a color, you can put saturation and vibrancy in a photo to get color splash perfectly.
• You can use bands, some concentric lines in case of editing sky or sea.
• Never forget to use the brush provided.
• You can change hue to complete the photo.


Download the app.
 Launch it on your pc.
 Drop your photo and get Polaroid with high resolution.

Are people enjoying it?
People who are using instagram on their pc will no longer face difficulty to access it. Not only this, they also gave positive reviews relating this topic. Browsing photos online is of another kind of experience. Today, PC users are getting the same options on instagram through browsing. They are also having the same editing filters as that of mobile. So, they are finally having their required facilities on pc for instagram. Really, it is a great thing!

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