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Top 5 Best Apps to Transfer Files from Android to PC

The use of android mobile phones spread all over the world. But transferring files from android to PC is necessary in order to keep the important official documents safe. A data cable is generally used to transfer files, images, songs, apps etc from Android to PC or laptop. It works spontaneously but many people do not have any idea that including files some virus also transfers though the cable. In that case, some apps are required which can perform as same as the cable and there is less possibility of attacking virus or unavoidable spam.

Best Apps to Transfer Files from Android to PC

Here is Top 5 best apps to transfer files from android to PC:

The advantage of the apps to transfer files from Android to PC is that they act quickly and save our time. Each of the five apps is described below in brief:

(1) Super Beam Wi-Fi Direct share:

This app is very helpful to transfer files from Android mobile phones to PC. A large file or even a folder can easily be transferred to PC with a high speed. Using QR code, devices can be paired through this app. This is its best advantage. For this feature people also found it easy for use as most people feel difficulty to remember password.

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There is a little bit difference between Super Beam Wi-Fi Direct Share and Airdroid. Not only file, SMS, Photos even screenshots can be shared to PC from Android. Besides PC, this app is also available on Mac OS X. This app is simple and great.

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(3)Send Anywhere:

All the processes to take files from Android to PC in this app are very easy to follow. There is no need to sign up an account too. First, one has to enter 6 digit key to pair both devices. Then unlimited files can be shared safely. The most reliable fact of this app is that, it uses P2P sharing for which the devices remain danger free. This app allows direct share of documents of any size and that is why it is named so. This app is completely free to use and there is no necessity of internet browser to have the facilities.

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(4) 3CX Droid Desktop:

This is a remote desktop app. It is difficult for the people who are new to use remote controlling apps or programs. It not only allows to transfer files from Android to PC but also access the files like camera, messages, calls etc. It needs internet browser system or login view in order to use those documents.

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(5)ES File Explorer:

This app manager is straight forward. It uses Cloud Storage client to share files, images, data and other important things. All the features in this app are amazing and simple to use.
Using Wi-Fi easily files or documents can be transferred from Android mobile phone to PC or Mac. All the apps help people to save their mobile from attacking virus and they can save their time as the apps act quickly.

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