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How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

What is SD card? :
SD card is Secure Digital card which is mainly used to store files in gadgets. It has different kinds of size like micro SD, mini SD, SDHC. It is inserted in digital devices like mobile phone, Digital camera, Tablet, mp3 Player etc. Images, music, videos, games, social networking apps, important data and so many things can be kept in the SD card. That is, without a SD card a device is incomplete.

How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

Why it becomes necessary to restore files from SD card? :

Many reasons are responsible behind such necessity. Some of them are:
• Virus may attack the files while transferring from one device to another.
• Sometimes, many important data can be accidentally deleted from SD card.
• If SD card is formatted for scanning.
• When SD card is inaccessible.

You easily get worried if you suddenly notice that you need a file which is already deleted either accidently or intentionally. Then you become crazy to get those things again and fails to get that back. But, no more worries! I am writing this article about some ways to recover deleted files from SD card.
Ways to recover deleted files from SD card:
Some ways are given below with steps. By following the steps, you can easily get back your mistakenly lost files!

Method 1: Check the recycle bin in your SD card:
There is no recycle bin in SD card. But in Tablets, an operating system is included which is similar to Computer OS. It has recycle bin for unnecessary files you don’t want to keep.
 Connect your device to a pc with cable or USB.
 You have to see if the files are stored in recycle bin or not.
 Find your SD card in My Computer in PC.

Method 2: Stop using SD card immediately if files are not available:
 Check the storage space of new files.
 If the free space of previous deleted files is not available, then stop using the SD card immediately.

Method 3: Download Data Recovery Software:
 You can download a data recover software. This is not free.
 To get protection of your SD card, you can take help from freeware recovery software. It will save your money and also scan fast with high recovery rate.

Method 4: Insert the SD card directly to the pc:
 If your pc is protected from virus or malware then it is better to insert SD card directly to Pc rather than through a device.
 It will not cause harm to the previous deleted files.

Method 5: Use of RAW recovery software:
 Restore the files of SD card.
 RAW recovery software is an advanced option. It will help you to locate files if you feel trouble.
 This software will scan the problem media.

Method 6: If you want to get back the deleted photos:
 A lot of information like name, location, date is needed to recover any deleted photo while searching.
 A good recovery software should be installed to do so.

Method 7: Select the necessary files at a time to restore:
 Press Command key on Mac OS and Control key on PC.
 Select bunch of files at a time holding the select button and restore them.
Short and easy process:
The easiest way to restore deleted files is to use the recovery software named EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

Only 3 steps are needed to use this software.
Step 1: Launch this software.
Step 2: Click scan after selecting your required.
Step 3: You can preview the lists and will be able to recover them.

How to protect your gadget from this trouble? :
Often we have to face this trouble that our important files get attacked with virus or some extra data is added in the SD card. All I can suggest you is to pursue the followings in order to keep your gadget free from malware and protect from many unnecessary documents.
 Back up your mobile or tablet often.
 Never overwrite your files.
 Update all the program files if there is trouble.
 Always scan your SD card after connecting with a PC.

Several recovery software are available today to scan the SD card. Many people who faced this problem have followed the given steps and also gained a lot of relief from their tension. It is really helpful!

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