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Ways to Login Multiple Facebook Accounts on iPhone Android

Now-a-days Facebook has become very important for us. It is a social networking media. We can make our profile by using it. Our photos, status, feelings and views can be shared by it. The great advantage is that we can communicate with our family, friends and others.

It is very easy task to browse multiple or more than one Facebook account at a time by using Computer. But it becomes very hard to access more than one account by an Android Smartphones or by iPhone.
So, is this task not possible for iPhone or Android Smartphones?

Yes, it is possible.

Login Multiple Facebook Accounts on iPhone Android

The Apps developer has made it possible. They have made a new app for using more than one facebook account at a time.

The Android users can solve this problem by using Friendcaster whereas Friendly can solve this problem for iPhone users.

For Android:


Friend-caster is an app which provides a lot of advanced facilities for android smartphones. It has added a new dimension for facebook. This app is very suitable for android smartphones. All kind off android-smartphone supports it. It is very easy to install in Android device. Anyone can use this app very simply. The installation process is very simple. However all of the installation processes are given here.

How to use Friend-caster

How to use Friend-caster?

The procedures are given below
Step 1: Download Friend-caster from google play from here.
Step 2: Install this app on your device.
Step 3: Now open the app and then enter your first facebook account to login.
Step 4: Click on ‘Add more Account’ to login another account at a time.
Step 5: For switching between the facebook accounts use the app preference option.
If you want to add more account follow again from step 3.

Advanced Benefits from Friend-caster

1. A lot of desirable themes to choose.
2. Full news feed, comment, like and share buttons.
3. Quick setup for push notifications.
4. Save all useful posts.
5. Displays full size cover photo.
6. Load all high-res photos.
7. Track all upcoming events.
8. Have a lot of technical support.

Tips for iPhone:


Friendly has made it very easy to login more Facebook accounts at a time for iPhone.
Friendly has become very popular because its better performance. This app is very easy to use. Anyone can easily use this facebook app. It is very user friendly and simple.

friendly for iphone


1. For using it download friendly from Itunes here.
2. Go to your file manager and open apps store.
3. Click on the downloaded app.
4. Then install it in your iPhone.
5. After installation run the app and start login more accounts.


1. Switching any account.
2. Have passcode lock and auto lock.
3. Facebook add can be hidden.
4. Have ad block plus.

Another Way: You Can use different Browser (As like Google Chrome or Firefox) to login more than 1 account at once.


So that was how to login more than one Facebook profile on iPhone and android smartphones.
Do you want to get this benefit?
So just get these apps from google play for browsing more facebook accounts.
Don’t forget to download these apps from google play.

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