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Solve “Insufficient storage available” Error in Android Smartphones

Android mobile phones have become very popular. Most of us use android smartphones. It is a wide spread operating system for mobile. These smartphones are very user friendly and entertaining.
But it is true that most android users are annoyed with the “insufficient storage available” error msg. So this msg is not perfect for android.
This error is occurred by default all installed apps on our phone memory which is not too large for most of the android. It is not very easy to move these apps from phone memory to memory card.
So many android users have been facing this problem when they want to install apps on their mobile. As a result they can’t install their desired apps on their phone.

Insufficient storage available Error in Android

So don’t have any solution of this problem? Yes there has solution of this problem.
If you already faced this error, don’t worry about it. We are here to help you.
This article is written based on this problem.
Process for Solving It
There are three process to fix this error. These methods are given one by one.

Method No. 01

1. Follow the mentioned path: /data/app-lib/APP-PATH/lib. This path is the container of this error. After going to this path delete it.

how to Android app-updates

2. After deleting it install your desired apk app.
3. Now also the method mentioned above are not effective then go to : /data/app-lib/APP-PATH and delete all the contained folder in this directory. It is very important to delete sub folders first then delete the main folder. Without deleting the sub folders first you will not be able to delete the main folder. The mentioned process is the most confidential method to fix the error.

Method No. 02

If the mentioned process can’t fix the error then follow this method.
Step 1: “Lucky Patcher” software is also helpful. Download this software from app store. After downloading it, start to install it on your phone.


Step 2: Now open this software and go to the troubleshooting option
Step 3: select the option named “Remove fix and backups (Insufficient storage available)”. It is situated on the troubleshooting option.
Step 4: Then restart your phone. Now you can install the app.

Method No. 03

If the two methods are not effective then try the last one.
Step 1: Search Cache Cleaner app from Google Play and then start to download it.
Step 2: The Catch Cleaner is about to 2 MB. Now delete some item from your phone memory. Then start to install this app. Otherwise your installation process will be hindered.
Step 2: Scan your device by using this app. You have to also scan all the internal cache. You can also clean the individual cache by trashcan. By clicking on the clear button you can also clean all cache and then select delete all.


Step 3: This process will clear the space.Now you can install apps freely.
These methods will obviously help you to fix this unwanted problem for your android smart phone. Try these methods properly to solve the problem and install app without any trouble.
Thanks a lot for trying these methods.

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