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How to Convert Webpage to PDF in Windows 7/8/ 8.1

Many a times it happens to you that you do not have a webpage in your computer for offline reading. This is because of your limited access to internet. It often becomes very urgent to see the webpage when you are offline. So, you need to convert them in PDF file for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Through this article, you can easily get to know how to convert those important webpage to PDF file.

How to Convert Webpage to PDF in Windows

Ways to Convert Webpage to PDF in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1:
I am giving you a tutorial so that you can easily do it within a very short time. Let’s not waste our time and get started with the following methods.
(1)By using an online converting tool:
PDF Burger is one of the best online converting tools ever heard. You do not need any third-party program to convert your required webpage into PDF file format if you use this tool. The process is very short and simple. You can also convert PDF file to word, excel even image through this app.
Step 1: Put website’s URL address in the box “PDF Burger”.
Step 2: Select more than one file to combine them.

Step 3: Browse to the folder where you want to make a single PDF file.
Step 4: Hold down the CTRL key and select the files.

Step 5: Click “Open” then “Drag” and finally “Drop” the documents where you want to save the file.
Step 6: Click “Start” button then the process will begin.
Step 7: Download the whole process the save the PDF file.

(2)By using a third-party program:
NovaPDF is one of the most popular software to convert Webpage to PDF file format. It mainly acts as a virtual PDF printer to save the file. I am writing the steps below so that you do not face difficulty to use this program:
Step 1: Download and install NovaPDF to your Computer.

Step 2: Go to the webpage you need to save as a PDF file.
Step 3: You can see a printer option as given in the photo.

Step 4: Click on the “Print” button.

Step 5: That’s it! You can now see a PDF file.

(3)By using PDF Converter:
Step 1: Install a PDF Converter
Step 2: Click “Browse” and locate the webpage.

Step 3: Put your email-id along with password.

Step 4: Click “Submit” and conversion will be started.
Step 5: You will get a link or an email of confirmation.
Step 6: Check the file and save it directly from the website.
Step 7: Done.

(4) By printing Web page to PDF with Chrome plug-in:
Step 1: View a Web page on Google Chrome.
Step 2: Click on the “Customize&Control” icon.
Step 3: Click “Print” button.

Step 4: You can customize the file settings if you need. You can find a dialog box here.
Step 5: Click “Save”. Name the file as you like and put the file where you want to keep it.

(5)By printing Web page to PDF with Firefox Add-on:
Step 1: Launch the browser Mozilla Firefox.
Step 2: Click “Open Menu” icon where you can see a dropdown menu.
Step 3: Click “Add-ons”.

Step 4: Press “PrintPDF” and then “Enter” in the search box.

Step 5: Click on the “Preferences” button if you need to adjust your settings.
Step 6: Click “Install” to start for the installation process.

Step 7: Click “OK” and choose a location where you can save it.
Step 8: When you will click to open the saved file it will be automatically viewed in the default PDF viewer.
Step 9: Restart Firefox after the whole process is finished.

(6)By printing Web page to PDF in Internet Explorer:
Step 1: Install a third-party program. You can also use NovaPDF in this case.
Step 2: Press “Alt” to see the Internet Explorer’s menu.
Step 3: Adjust each settings, click “Page set up”.
Step 4: Go to File=>Print Preview.

Step 5: Print the file without any header.
You can read a PDF file in your Android phone, Mac, iPod and so many other devices than Computer. So, it is very advantageous to keep necessary Webpage as PDF file from different browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and enjoy them viewing when you are not in touch with internet. Now, I think it has become very easy for you to convert a webpage to PDF file for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

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