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How to Block Websites on Computer

Are you trying hard to protect your PC from the attack of virus stretched through various websites? Yes, this is a common problem to everyone. Many unnecessary sites bother you including different advertisements. You become worried as it wastes your time when you are really busy with an official file. Sometimes, these websites tracks your browsing bookmarks. How dangerous! You are now immediately in need of a powerful process to block these websites. But, may be you are tired of getting any solution. No more worries! I can ensure you some easy ways to block those websites and help you to be relaxed.
4 Ways to block websites on computer:
Method 1: In Case of Windows XP:
 First, go to My Computer.
 Browse Operating System drive.

How to Block Websites on Computer

 Type as given to browse
 Open file hosts inside with notepad.
 Add to the bottom line of the notepad.

add this line to notepad

 Save the file.
 That’s it!

Method 2: Windows Vista and Windows 7Web Filtering Method:
 Press Start=>Control Panel=>User and set up Parental Control.

 Click Windows Vista Web Filter after selecting the account you required to web filter for.
 Click “Block” or “Allow” option.
 It depends on you which list you want to block and which one you want to allow.

Method 3: Mac OS X:
 You can see a gear shaped shortcut on screen named “System Preference”. Click it.
 Locate “Parental Control” after clicking the account you want to give restrictions to.
 In order to get the setting mode of Parental Control, click “Enable Parental Control”
 Locate “Content” Tab.
 You can set which one you want to stop and the changes you made will be saved automatically.

Method 4: Blocking sites through your Router:
If you have a network like Wi-Fi connection, then you may follow the instructions to block at least 16 websites.
 You can do it in any device at a certain time in a week or a month.
 First, access your router.
 Log in to your router with username “Admin” and password.
 Change your router settings.
 There is a drop-down menu named “Filter type selection”. Select a filter and type a website.
 You can see an option called “Active”. Click “Yes” in it and save the process.
 Done.
Blocking websites will keep your kids secured:
In the present world, kids are digital natives. Before learning how to read or write they better know how to operate the functions in a touchpad or PC. Whatever their age is, all you need to do is protect their eyes from different websites which are harmful for them. To do so, you need to apply the methods quick based on your device, protect your PC and also keep your child safe from the virus.

All the required process is described above. If you have any queries relating these methods, you can watch YouTube videos as tutorial. You can also follow the pictures as given.

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