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5 Best Music Player App for Android Phone and Tablets

Life is incomplete without entertainment. Music has always been a great source of it. Music lovers are used to listening music everyday. The most comfortable source of having music is your Android mobile phone. In the present world, the number of Android mobile user is uncountable. Beyond doubt, you would need a music player app on your Android phone for a great collection of music. So what are you waiting for? Let us know about some apps that are not only suitable for Android phone but also right and proper for Tablet which is another popular source of entertainment now a days.

Best Music Player for Android

Here is Top 5 Best Music Player for Android Phone and Tablet:

Music plays an interesting role in both personal and social life. It controls emotion, shares joy and gathers bonding too. So, to feel music by changing sound level the Music Player apps has been created. Now, we will get some idea about 5 best music player applications for both Android phones and Tablets.

(1) Double Twist Music Player:


Double Twist Music Player is definitely a free application. It is a very popular and long service Android Music Player. A magic radio and an optional alarm clock are provided for us which can be directly attached with it. It combines form and function together. An up to date design and friendly interface made it look stylish.
New additions:
• Recently, it has released a new version for Android 4.4 and Tablets too. It has cleaner which will help to design the images of albums in your own way.
• It also supports layouts for Tablets and better playlist management than the previous one.

Download It from Google Play

(2) Equalizer+ mp3 Player:


Equalizer+ is exactly what you are looking for. This is a smart app for a smart Music lover. You can adjust the intensity of sound and feel the music at the same time. Only this app allows you to reinvent the sound level with the help of the music genre. You can change the beats through a visualizer and see yourself the movement of filters if you connect your phone with another screen.
Fun Fact:
Equalizer+ provides you to customize the way of music you need. This is a great thing! You can choose any one of 11 stock presets. Some of them are Jazz, Pop, hip hop, classical, dance, folk, heavy metal and many more.

Download It from Google Play

(3) Google Play Music:


This is an official app for music. The most fun fact is that, you can upload and share music on Google Play. All the music is stored online here, so without syncing you can listen to music offline also. You can enjoy radio with no skip limits.
What’s new?
• More materials for design have been updated.
• New animations are available.

Download It from Google Play

(4) jetAudio Music Player:


jetAudio Music Player is actually an mp3 music player. Graphically the design of this app is pretty nice. There are 10 or 20 bands and many sound effects. It has high quality sound too. So you, who want to create your own sound experience, can visualize the settings. You can play any type of digital tracks in it.

Download It from Google Play

(5) N7 player Music Player:


This is completely new for Android phone and Tablets to browse and listen to music. There are a lot of features you can get in your fingerprints and fulfill your demands. It has a unique pattern and outline. You can change the looks according to your mood.

• It has a unique pattern and outline. But you can also change the looks according to your mood or choice.

• It plays everything that is any sort of music files like mp3, mp4, 3gp etc.
• You can edit and manage the playlist manager.
• Grab the missing music albums Cover Art Downloader. This is only applicable for Android user.
• Not only music or design you can take screenshots here also. How exciting! This is how the app looks on Android:
Download It from Google Play


Music lovers are always enthusiastic about getting new features and systems to edit their music player, manage the playlist and set the intensity level of sound on Android phone or Tablets. These 5 Music Player apps will surely help them to do so.

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