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10 Best Android Lock Screen Apps

The revolutionary change of modern technology is the arrival of android phone sets. The most used part of a smart phone is its lock screen. This is used by many operating systems. It accesses the gesture through password or slide. The apps given on the lock screen operate the functions of mobile.

Best Android Lock Screen Apps

Most of the apps are usually free of cost. Many applications have been made for functionality. Some are also highlighted due to its visual property. Top 10 best android lock screen apps are described below:

(1) Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock:

This app is a great security for a device. If anyone tries to unlock the mobile a loud sound will act as a signal through this app and the owner can protect his phone from hacking.

(2) C-Locker:

The simplest lock screen app is the C-Locker. Through how many ways a phone can be unlocked is actually done by this app. Classic slide, virtual slide, swipe up slide even pop bubbles slide is also available in it.

(3) Cover Lock Screen (beta):

This app requires GPS location to detect what a man needs on his device at a definite time. It is very helpful as it notifies a man about his necessities. Besides, it also contains many fun features.

(4) Dashclock widget:

This can be used as a widget on home screen. One can receive notifications about weather, time and so many other required data.

(5) DIY Locker:

Most people like this app as it enjoyable and full of fun. One can design his lock menu according to his own way. Images can also be customized by various colors or patterns.

(6) Go Locker:

This app only provides the system to read message from lock screen. It helps the user to use themes, shortcuts and unique notifications on lock screen. For all these features, this app is considered as the most popular lock screen app.

(7) Locker Master:

This app helps those people who are very creative and want to arrange their phone contents in a stylish way. This app creates a lively environment in mobile through live wallpapers, animated weather notifications, colorful themes etc. It also creates refreshment mind.

(8) Magic Locker Main:

This is mainly a theme based lock screen app. Different themes are provided here.
Changing of time, date, setting of reminder, sound effects are the features of this app.

(9) Mix Locker:
Full image can be adjusted to the lock screen as wallpaper through this app. Setting of shortcuts like barcode scanner, flashlight, notifications are operated by this app. Auto slideshow of wallpaper with a slight change of color flow is found in it.

(10) Echo notification Lockscreen:

This lockscreen app is very interesting and the most useful one. It notifies missed calls, messages straight on the top of the lock screen. One has to tap or swipe upside down to see the notifications. It helps in the safety of battery as most of the required things are seen on the lock screen.
All the lock screen apps perform very smoothly and it helps us to keep our phone aloof from harm.

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